Tutorial - Using Barcodes

You can use your barcode scanner for speedy checkouts. This tutorial covers use of a barcode scanner in Leavins Inventory Manager.

1. Get a Compatible Barcode Scanner

Leavins Inventory Manager is compatible with 'keyboard-emulating' barcode scanners. If you connect your barcode scanner to your computer and it detects a keyboard, you should be good to go. There are many barcode scanners on the market, so there is no definitive list of what works and what doesn't.

Buying a Barcode Scanner

I recommend the following wired barcode scanner:

Wired handheld USB CCD Barcode Scanner Reader wired LED CCD reader

(Note: the above link points to Amazon.com, but is not an affiliate link)

This is the barcode scanner that I use for testing Leavins Inventory Manager, and you don't have to set it up for use with the software.

2. Connect the Barcode Scanner to Your Computer

You can connect your scanner while Leavins Inventory Manager is running. Your computer should automatically detect it and treat it like a keyboard.

3. Enter Numbers for Items and Customers

You can enter a barcode number while editing an item or customer. Each has a field that says 'Number.' Just click on the text box for the Number field and use your barcode scanner on the barcode. When you are done, click on the big 'Finish' button at the bottom of the page.

4. Lookup by Number During Checkout

From the Home Page, please click on the 'New sales order' link. This will take you to a page where you can create a customer order. From this page, you can scan-in your item and customer barcodes.


On the left size of the screen, there should be a search box and a list of inventory items in your system. Just click on the search bar (it's near the top of the page) and scan the barcode.

Want to scan multiple barcodes? No problem. Just keep scanning barcodes, and Leavins Inventory Manager will automatically add each item to your order.


If you have customer loyalty cards with ID barcodes, you can scan one in during checkout. On the right side of the order page (where all of the order details are), just click on the 'Select Customer' button (near the top), click the search bar, and scan the barcode in. The customer will automatically be selected.