Leavins Inventory Manager can store the following item details for you:

  • Name, number (barcode), & description
  • Quantity that is currently in-stock
  • Cost
  • Unit Price
  • Tax exemption status
  • Cost and Markup Percentage (can be used to calculate Unit Price)

Only the name is required. You can also disable quantity tracking for individual items or every item in the system.

Leavins Inventory Manager has a special 'Take Inventory' mode that allows you to quickly update & keep tabs on your current stock. Scan-in items and check discrepancies with ease.

Leavins Inventory Manager also helps you keep track of customer details.

  • Name & Number
  • Category - for resellers or loyalty program customers
    • % off discount (all items by default)
    • Tax exemption status (all items by default)
  • Addresses (mailing & street)
  • Phone Numbers
  • E-mail Addresses
  • Account Balance (automatically calculated)

You can search for customers by name, number, or phone number.

Example order printout (PDF)

When people purchase goods or services from you, customer checkout is an easy six-step process:

  1. Click on 'New sales order'
  2. Select a customer (completely optional)
  3. Enter items (by using a barcode scanner or your mouse)
  4. Click 'Checkout'
  5. Print receipt(s)
  6. Click 'Finish'

Sales tax, subtotal amount, and total amount are automatically calculated for you. Totals can be & rounded up, down, or to the nearest cent. Item quantities are automatically deducted. There are also fields for:

  • Shipping & other fees
  • Notes (to include on the receipt)
  • Notes (for internal business use)
  • Payment methods (you can fill-in your own)
  • Date (for old sales orders)

You don't have to give-up your cash register or your credit/debit card scanner. You can use Leavins Inventory Manager alongside any current solutions that you currently use.

Store Credit & Statements

If your business has an in-store credit program, you can just click the 'Is on store credit' checkbox and Leavins Inventory Manager will subtract the total from the customer's balance.

You can also enter customer payments & print end-of-month customer statements.

Example customer statement printout (PDF)

  • Supports barcode scanners for items & customers
  • (Optionally) have Leavins Inventory Manager generate order/payment numbers for you
  • Item, customer, and transaction details can be updated
    • Changing a transaction automatically updates customer balances and item quantities
    • Mark items as discontinued
    • Delete transactions made by mistake
  • Sales orders support special order items
  • Compatible with high contrast system color schemes
  • Receive updates on the Home Page for out-of-stock items and program updates
  • Retrieve inventory item data from a spreadsheet (CSV format) and export it for later use
  • Your item, customer, and transaction data remains private and does not get sent to a server
  • DRM Free: runs on computers without Internet access
  • Free to use for businesses