Progress Report #4 - Blog Tweaks and More

Leavins Inventory Manager v1.6

Last Thursday, I released an update for Leavins Inventory Manager. Most of the changes are only in the demo version, but there is one new feature for paid version: XML export. With just a few clicks, Leavins Inventory Manager will take your data and make a huge XML-format file from it. Software developers can use this file to import your data to a different program.

This update includes all of the changes that I made in version 1.5. That update is much larger and includes numerous tweaks that make Leavins Inventory Manager even easier to use.

Upcoming - CIB v0.3

I am currently working on data import & export functionality for CIB Collection Manager. It's currently not too exciting, but it will allow me to add a feature where you can import data from an existing digital distribution account.

Site Updates

Earlier this week, I made a few major changes to the Leavins Software Blog's main page. These changes go live today. The blog's main page used to show a list of all posts, but it now contains content from the two most recent posts and a link to the full archives.

I also fixed some major issues related to browsers. Before these fixes, browsers used to show old data even when pages update, but everything should be normal now.