Out Now - Leavins Inventory Manager 2.0

Leavins Software may be a part-time project of mine, but I'm still working on Leavins Software products.

With that in mind, I'd like to announce Leavins Inventory Manager v2.0. It's still an easy-to-use business management system, and it's still a desktop application that does not collect your inventory and customer data on a remote server. Since January (when I launched version 1.14), I've made so many changes to the program that I just had to give it the version number of 2.0

Most programs and services don't bother making a distinction between version numbers. What version of Facebook do you use? Whatever is on their servers at the moment. Mobile apps and web browsers often auto-update without you noticing it.

So, why make a kind-of-a-deal about v2.0? Leavins Inventory Manager was built with a throwback mentality. Back to the time where cell phones just had voice calls and text messaging, and where version numbers DO matter because functionality can change drastically for a new 'major version' (as they're called). And there have been many tweaks to Leavins Inventory Manager's interface: some things were removed, and others were reworked.

Well, that and Leavins Inventory Manager v2.0 is the first version that is incompatible with Windows XP

Goodbye, XP!

Next month (April 2014), Microsoft will stop supporting XP for most consumers. That means that most people who are still using computers running Windows XP won't have access to:

Windows XP also doesn't have access to something that was used in making the new Leavins Inventory Manager update: Microsoft .NET v4.5.

Why has Microsoft decided not to support Windows XP any more? Beats me! I think that the official word is that "XP is old and hard to continue supporting" but I don't know. I'm just going with the flow.

It seems like now is a good time to discontinue support for Leavins Inventory Manager in Windows XP. I mean, if the company who makes it isn't going to support it, and the latest and greatest tools don't work with it, why not?

Future Plans?

I probably won't work on Leavins Inventory Manager for a while. I haven't thought of any new features to add for the program. But never say never!