CIB - Building a Want List

CIB Collection Manager is a Windows-only collection management app that works best without a barcode scanner. As of this blog post, you can add collectibles, video games, and comic books to your collection and want list.

This tutorial covers adding comics, video games, and collectibles to a want list.

Adding Items

When you are adding a video game, comic book issue, or collectible to CIB Collection Manager, you are given the choice of putting that item on your want list. Leavins Software provides tutorials on adding comics to CIB and adding video games to CIB, so if you're new to CIB, please use those guides if you need assistance with adding an item.

Each 'add' page has a drop-down labeled 'Status'. By default, this says 'Have', meaning that the item you are adding is part of your collection. Here is a list of the other options:

Click on the drop-down, select 'want', and save. The item is now part of your want list.

Viewing Your Want List

At the top of the comic publisher screen, the game system screen, and the collectibles category screen, this is a large drop-down labeled 'Status'. Click this drop-down and select 'Want' to view all items on your want list for that publisher, system, or category.

For comic books, it just shows titles with 'want list' entries in them. Currently, you need to 'Edit' each series to see what issues (or volumes) are on your want list.