Using Leavins Inventory Manager for Restaurant Point of Sale

Posted on April 19, 2013

Leavins Inventory Manager is an easy-to-use business management system that helps you track inventory, customers, and transactions. Multi-purpose systems can have a tough time meeting needs specific to restaurants, but Leavins Inventory Manager can be adapted for use by restaurants.

To setup Leavins Inventory Manager for restaurant use, you can mostly follow these Leavins Inventory Manager tutorials. Here are a few tips to help you set everything up.

Tip #1: Disable Inventory Tracking

The needs of a restaurant (particularly a small, non-chain restaurant) differ from those of a retail business. When a customer orders a hamburger, you (likely) do not have hamburgers in-stock for re-sell.

Normally, Leavins Inventory Manager tracks in-stock quantities for all items. But you can disable this feature when you first launch the program: just follow the getting started with Leavins Inventory Manager tutorial and make sure that the 'Track Inventory Quantities' checkbox is empty.

If you also own a gift shop, you can keep Leavins Inventory Manager's inventory-tracking feature enabled. You can disable the feature for individual items from your menu. The Add Item Tutorial explains how.

Tip #2: Adding Items of Multiple Sizes

When adding your menu to Leavins Inventory Manager, you should add an item for each size variation of a menu item. For example, if you sell 'Small Fries' and 'Large Fries,' you need to add both as individual items (with individual prices) to the program.

Tip #3: Adding Add-On Items

Leavins Inventory Manager is a multi-purpose business management system, and does not have built-in support for add-on items (like 'Extra Pickles' or 'Jalapenos.' But there is a way to add these items to the system & easily access them at checkout time.

If you add an item to the system with a name starting with '+', you can search for '+' when creating a customer order to see all add-on items.

Here's an example: if you offer anything with cheese on it, you can add an inventory item named '+ Cheese'. At checkout time, just search for '+' and '+ Cheese' will pop-up. You can add it to an order like you would any other item.

Written by Dustin Leavins