Progress Report #3 - Leavins Inventory Manager Updates

Posted on March 15, 2013

Hey again. I recently released version 1.2 of Leavins Inventory Manager Server Edition. The Server Edition now has 'Take Inventory' and 'Create Customer Statements' support, so you don't have to use the Single-User version for that functionality.

Upcoming Leavins Inventory Manager Additions

I'm planning on adding a few more features to Leavins Inventory Manager to make it even better. The next version (1.3) doesn't have a scheduled release date, but here's what I have in mind.

Saving Work-in-Progress Sales Orders

While working on a sales order, you might discover that that there is a price error with one of your items. Leavins Inventory Manager already allows you to change the name or price of a sales order item. But if you click 'Cancel' and go back to change the item, your sales order data will be gone.

In version 1.3, unsaved new sales orders will be temporarily saved (as long as you have the program open) so you can easily go to different screens without fear of data loss.

This feature might only work for the Single-User version. I'm not sure about how to implement it for the web interface.

Right Click › Copy Customer Address (Single-User Only)

You can already right-click on a customer and copy a phone number or e-mail address to your Clipboard. You cannot current do this with a physical address, but you can with version 1.3 and beyond.

Written by Dustin Leavins