Leavins Inventory Manager 1.0 Is Out!

Posted on March 04, 2013

Leavins Inventory Manager 1.0 is out! And so is the first version of Leavins Inventory Mangager Server Edition.

1.0 represents a major update for Leavins Inventory Manager. This latest version has many new features, and here are some highlights:

  • Added a 'company name' option and added functionality to print the company name on orders and statements
  • Orders and customer statements can now span multiple pages
  • Added a 'track item' option to items; it works like the 'Track Inventory Items' program option, but it works for specific items
  • Added a 'tax exempt' option for items
  • You can now adjust the date & time of orders and payments
  • Added 'automatic order/payment number' functionality
  • Orders can now include Special Order Items

(You can read more about the latest additions & changes at the Leavins Inventory Manager Changelist page.)

This sounds like a lot, but Leavins Inventory Manager is still easy to use.

Server Edition

Leavins Inventory Manager Server Edition is also out. It's like the 'normal' single-user edition, but it has a web-based interface. This makes Server Edition ideal for small businesses where multiple users need access to item, customer, & transaction data. As discussed previously, Server Edition 1.0 lacks a few features from the single-user version. Here is what you currently cannot do in the web interface:

  • 'Take Inventory'
  • Customer statement creation
  • Inventory import/export

'Take Inventory' and customer statement creation will be added soon as a free update. Data import/export may be added at a later time.

Written by Dustin Leavins