Preview #1 - Leavins Inventory Manager 1.0

Posted on December 09, 2012

My last update was all the way back in October, so I figured that now would be a good time to show a few screenshots of the next version of Leavins Inventory Manager.

Screenshot of Leavins Inventory Manager version 1.0 - Home Page

This is the new Home Page for the program. The layout has drastically changed so that items are (hopefully) easier to find at a glance. I also replaced the background image with a solid color. Older versions of the program look a little outdated when compared to current software offerings, and this change gives the program a more contemporary look.

Screenshot of Leavins Inventory Manager version 1.0 - Add Item Screen

This is the new 'Add Item' page. Not much has changed, except for a new option and the 'Finish' and 'Cancel' buttons at the bottom. You can now set 'Track Inventory Quantity' for individual items (perfect for 'Labor' items). By default, buttons are now color-coded to improve ease-of-use.

I am currently working on one more major feature for the program. If everything goes well, version 1.0 of Leavins Inventory Manager will have a built-in web server. This will allow employees to use certain parts of Leavins Inventory Manager (such as customer entry & checkout) without having access to the whole program or to the computer that the server is running on. Making the web version will take some time, but I know that the effort will be worth it.

Written by Dustin Leavins