Coming Soon - Leavins Inventory Manager 1.0

Posted on October 21, 2012

Progress is steady on Leavins Inventory Manager. An upcoming update will include fixes for most of the known issues in the current version of the program. I've also made numerous improvements to the Statement & Order template editor.

After version 0.100 is finished, I will begin work on some major changes to the program. These changes tentatively include the following:

  • New & improved graphics
  • Automatic, optional program updates
  • An improved start screen and easy-to-navigate menu system
  • An easy way to share data with other users of Leavins Inventory Manager
  • Helpful documentation

I will hopefully finish these changes in early 2013 as part of a 'version 1.0' update to Leavins Inventory Manager. After this update, my plan is to focus on other projects for a while.

Written by Dustin Leavins