Progress Report #2 - Site and Program Updates

Posted on September 02, 2012

Hey, it's been a while since the last post on this blog. I originally wanted to have a 'list of changes' for each new version of Leavins Inventory Manager, and each version would be in its own post. Search engines did not like how similar each of those posts looked. I combined all of the changelist blog posts into a single page, and search engines will be happier than they were. Please visit Leavins Inventory Manager's Changelist for recent updates to the program.

Upcoming Leavins Inventory Manager Additions

I'm currently on schedule to release a new version of Leavins Inventory Manager next week. This new version (0.97) will include a massive overhaul of some of the editor pages and a few new, order-related features.

After 0.97, there are a few more additions that I want to make to Leavins Inventory Manager by the end of the year. I want to add warning screens to certain parts of the program. These warning screens will warn users of inventory items with duplicate names and other possible mistakes. I also want to add more technical features, like data import/export for customer data.

Written by Dustin Leavins